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Simple organization
of tools twinio

With the twinio web app, you can manage your tools easily, quickly and digitally. Different functions in the app ensure that you always have an overview of the statuses and storage locations of the tools. Work with individually set limits in the process data area or book your tools in for sharpening with just one click. Historical data is available in the app, which means that you always know how your tools have performed in past sharpening cycles. Take advantage of the benefits of integrated tapio tool partners and create your saw blades or trimmers with just one scan.


The benefits

  • Access to tool data from various manufacturers: Use the original tool data from tapio partners directly in the app or create new tools yourself.
  • Maintain information easily: Edit selected tool parameters with just one click.
  • Adjust parameters individually: Edit limits of predefined parameters or add new ones.
  • Sharpen with a click: Simply start and end the sharpening processes for tools manually.
  • Tool data in the web app: The analog operation card for the tool is available digitally in twinio and can be edited there.
  • Communication with the machine: Required tool data can be accessed quickly and easily from the machines, and any process data created can be saved in the digital twin. *

* Currently only possible on selected machines from the HOMAG Group.

Do you want to learn more?

The integrated tool data allows you to manage and keep an overview of your own tools much more quickly and easily and improves the use of the tools.