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Digital infrastructure
with just ONE login.

tapio is an industry-wide, secure digital infrastructure. What does that mean exactly?

Imagine you're starting a new business. There are many things you need to consider — as well as the basic business concept, basic infrastructure is also important. This might include an easy-to-access location, and resources such as Internet, electricity, and water should be available to a sufficient extent. All legal and security issues will also need to be clarified.

app providers database providers control center user 1 the app providers 2 the database providers 3 the control center 4 the customer/user — that's you

Using this analogy, tapio offers a digital infrastructure to its network partners — HOMAG and other partners in our industry (as providers of apps and data), and to you as users of digital services.

The advantage: For all tapio users, the necessary infrastructure has already been clarified centrally.



There are four players in the tapio infrastructure:

The app providers are tapio partners who develop industry-specific apps and offer these via tapio. They use their expertise, their own data and data from the database providers within the tapio infrastructure.

For example: HOMAG uses the databases of material suppliers, tool manufacturers and fixture manufacturers so that you can access the original data in the apps when working in your company.

tapio has developed fixed rules for the necessary data exchange. Nothing is left to chance and everything is clearly and contractually regulated for all parties.

The database providers provide data, therefore enabling the smooth running of certain applications. In return, the data providers receive findings that allow them to draw conclusions from the facts for their own further development.

Example: A tool manufacturer can provide tapio users with defined tool data via an application and therefore offer a smooth, digital tool management. A tool manufacturer can use certain usage data for new developments and therefore improve their products for you faster.

Here too, tapio has regulated everything centrally. Every participant knows what happens to their data, when, how, and where. Security and data ownership are the greatest asset—therefore, with its entire infrastructure, tapio is set up and acts according to the high standards of the European General Data Protection Regulations.

tapio itself is the provider of the entire infrastructure and therefore also the control center. Here, the legal framework is defined and adherence to security is ensured.



… ensures fast and fluid data exchange.

… is neutral and therefore acts as moderator when questions arise with partners or when new ideas have to be discussed.

… regulates all general conditions centrally.

As a user of digital solutions, tapio gives you the ability to access all the apps with just one login.You therefore have the shop system, the user administration, the management of your machines and your licenses from a single source and in one location.

You alone decide the data you transfer. Just as you do for the apps you use for personal use. You can also allow or deny access.


Last but not least: HOMAG is a strong partner of tapio and supports the digital infrastructure approach enormously to make the digital solutions from HOMAG even better for you in an open way. Every tapio partner has the opportunity to increase their development speeds and to supply you with the best possible products that will bring you further as a company in the woodworking industry.

More than 47 partners are currently working on further digital solutions for the tapio shop. And in over 30 countries, more than 20,000 machines, tools and materials already use the tapio Service.

Your tapio account not only allows you to use apps from HOMAG, but also gives you the opportunity to easily use other products from other providers and therefore make your production more efficient.